We will give a quick test for those students who during their first Spanish  session know some Spanish. We are doing that because we believe it is necessary to assess their current level together with the professor  in written and spoken Spanish. For those student who have knowledge of Spanish and  wish to go ahead improving their abilities will have our guides and professional orientation.



In this level, the student will receive many series of intensives classes through inductive method, being supported with visual materials (illustrations), and training with dialog and learning of a variety of cultural, vocabulary and communication through our situational grammar (in the market place,  stores, by bus, by taxi, at the restaurant, at the beach) using also useful verbs opening the road to your full spanish immersion.

This levels are divided as:


“A” Those people who have no knowledge of Spanish or have no experience in Spanish as second language.


“B” people with knowledge in Spanish at communicative level and elemental.



In this level the student have achieved a good domination of the indicative mode, this is the proper level to learn Vocabulary and variety of topics such as politics, culture, economy through language. You will be able to watch TV in family environment enjoying a baseball game being part of our culture in our city, also enjoying concerts with Nica music and visit our churches, universities in that way you will learn Spanish faster and easier.



In this level the student achieves the domination of the subjunctive mode and all the tenses and projections. We are giving you topics regarding  conversational and situational grammar focusing on the stages, abstract and subjective customs. This cases are not used with any translation  with the purpose to let the students  “NOT THINK IN SPANISH”, politics, economy, history and culture of Nicaragua. Learning SPANISH LANGUAGE in that way  through full Spanish immersion with Nica family you will share knowledge, in the activities you will know tourist places such as pacific beaches, and  knowledge about dances as reggae, salsa and cumbia.



Through our system (SCII) you will learn:
• Conversational gramar
• Modism
• Slang