Timothy Fadden

I began my program on January 4rth, 2010.  The school helped me a lot.  The teachers are professionals and I enjoyed every class.  I learned a lot about the grammar of the language and I learned how to continue studying on my own in the United States.

Leon is the best city for this type of program , and I was never bored.  I went to the beach, the “Black Hole” volcano, and the dance class was very enjoyable.  When I didn’t have anything planned I would go walking through the city after talking in class and I was able to practice my Spanish with the friendly people in the park.  Now I am a little sad at having to say goodbye and leave but my vacation time has ended.  Goodbye and I hope to return.


Roger McMeans


I highly recommend the Metropolis Spanish School in Leon as a place to study and learn spanish.

I have  taken courses at scueval other Schools  in Nicaragua, but none ol the othen schools  or programas were any where as good. I learned a lot of Spanish in my week with the school.



My experience with the teachers at Metropolis Spanish School was excellent.  The teachers are very friendly and hardworking, the family stay offered a great cultural experience, and Leon is a beautiful city to live in and explore.  There are also many interesting places nearby to visit during the daily activities; including trips to volcanoes, a beautiful beach, and  botanical gardens and farms.  Nicaragua overall is a fascinating and beautiful country.  I would highly recommend studying Spanish in Leon with the Metropolis Spanish School. mdrabkin@pol.net


I am a student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. I found that the teaching at this school is well-planned and personal. The instructors try to help you from wherever you are beginning class here to help you gain ground in your Spanish skills.

My teachers, Marla and Frank, were very helpful in teaching me more Spanish than I knew, as well as helping me to have fun while learning. The school shifts professors from week to week to help you to learn with different teaching methods, this ensures that you have a good time here and learn a lot.

I recommend that if you do choose this school, and are fluent in English, to volunteer with the teachers outside of class time to help them practice their English as well as to build friendships. The staff at this school is one that you will enjoy getting to know personally.

Feel free to write if you have any questions about my recommendation.


Shelli Wakeman

University of Nebraska at Omaha

School of Social Work



I am a professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

I’m here every year and this year I brought two of my university students to study in this school. Thanks for teaching my students, the attended for one fun month and learned a lot.

I also thank the school for helping me with my Spanish, now I have less problems with verbs, John is a good teacher and I learned a lot from him.

I hope I can study more next year 2013.