The Metropolis Spanish School offers classes with professional university graduates who are specialists in the teaching material in order to obtain the best results.

We have a variety of programs available in our Spanish School depending on the time that you have available for classes or activities. Our programs are based on three components, the classes of Spanish, the activities in the afternoon and the lodging with Nicaraguan families.

The programs are divided of the following form:

Program Classes
They are 20 hour classes per week. The classes can begin any day of the week; the schedule is flexible according to the time available of each student. The classes are individualized, that is to say one on tutoring. In our experience, this is the best way to learn Spanish.

Normally we offer 5 days of classes for 20 hours.  You can also receive additional one or more hours of classes per day according to the schedule or needs of the student. You can begin classes any day of the week. One on One, one professor one student.

When living with local families you have an opportunity to practice Spanish, and to learn about the families, the culture and the customs of Nicaragua. The family will offer you a private room with a bathroom and 3 meals a day, water, fruit etc. All is included in the program.

Activity Programs
The activities are chosen by the students, according to their interests, generally we have 5 activities one for everyday of the week. Transportation is included and the price varies according to the activity that you choose .We also offer voluntary work. The weekends are off ,however you can receive classes or activities which is optional. We have several diverse activities and there is extra cost for these.

classes, visiting our churches, museums and dealing with our people through community development programs as well as conversations with them and you can be already to work voluntarily with many of the organizations that we will visit.

Other programs.

classes and activities in  the cities of Granada and San Juan del Sur.